We’re seasoned.

We’re tested.

We’re not afraid to get in the struggle with you.

If you are an owner/founder who is looking for some support, and some financial investment, we may be able to help you grow your business.

Or, maybe you have built a successful company, and now you’d like to transition out, either partially over time, or completely, and you’re looking for a partner or purchaser who will treat your employees and your customers the way you have treated them.

Maybe your company is struggling a little, whether it’s due to factors outside your control, or even your own missteps, and you could use a little help to get through the difficult period.

Or, maybe you just like the idea of being involved with other capable and faithful men who like to start and build companies, and who care about the people they are involved with.

We don’t have a set of strict guidelines for the companies or industries we get involved with.  We are opportunistic.  We are primarily looking for people with shared values, where we think we can add value to the venture.  We are not looking only for healthy companies, either.  Sometimes the most meaningful and productive opportunities come out of difficult circumstances.

We are happy to get engaged as consultants, and work on a fee for service to help you solve problems, and grow your company, or to counsel you through a purchase or sale, or a large technology or capital investment.

We are also happy to consider special situations.  We can step into an executive role for a defined period to fill a need, work through a difficult situation, or help out during an untimely illness or death, or other unforeseen circumstance.

We just want to be faithful, get the work done, and create some real value, and enjoy the people we are working with and for.

We are not primarily interested in racking up billable hours, although we are happy to enter a fee for service agreement where it’s appropriate.  We are more interested in participation.  We’re not a part of the kiltie tassled loafer consulting set coming in with surveys and bound reports.  We are about real engagement, real implementation, and real results.  We’d prefer to jump in alongside and share the risk…and the hope of future glory.

If you’re still not clear on what we do, or if you have a specific question, problem, issue, or opportunity you’d like to run by us, we invite you to shoot us an email or reach out to us through our contact page.  We’d love to talk with you.