Business Identity supports up to three widgets areas: Primary Sidebar, Website Footer, and Front Page. Both the primary sidebar and website footer will be displayed on all pages of your website if you have manually added widgets into your site, while the front page widgets will only be used when the front page template is in use.

Primary Sidebar: This sidebar—if you are viewing this on your desktop machine right now, it’s to your right—appears on most pages throughout your Business Identity website. Simply add Available Widgets into this space in order to turn the sidebar on. Removing all widgets from this primary sidebar will automatically turn the sidebar off throughout your website.

Technical note: The maximum width occupied by this region of your website is 350 pixels.

Front Page and Footer Widgets

Technical note: We use Masonry to arrange the widgets on your front page and website footer. This means that when you use more than four widgets in those areas, then Masonry automatically detects the best way to stack your widgets so that they are evenly balanced on your website. If you are curious why sometimes adding six or seven widgets into your website produces varied results with respect to their positions on your website, this is why.

Front Page: Widgets added into this space will be used on your front page, which is set on the reading settings page for your site. If no custom front page is used on your business website, then widgets added into this area will automatically be ignored.

Technical note: The maximum width occupied by each widget in the front page area in desktop views is 254 pixels.

Website Footer: Enhance your Business Identity website with footer widgets that include more details about your company, like its phone number, physical address, email address, or social media links. This website footer will appear on every page of your website.

Technical note: The maximum width occupied by each widget in the website footer area in desktop views is 264 pixels.