WordPress.com Testimonials are supported in Business Identity. Adding new testimonials into your website is easy. You should see a menu item in your Dashboard called Testimonials:

Testimonials Menu Item in Dashboard

The All Testimonials menu item will bring you to a page containing all of the testimonials that you have added into your website:

All Testimonials

Simply click on the Add New button next to the Testimonials title on this page, which will bring you to an edit screen for adding in a new testimonial into your website:

Add New Testimonial Screen

There are three main parts to a testimonial: the customer name, the customer image, and the customer testimonial content. You do not have to use a customer image, but it’s highly recommended. Once you’ve created your testimonials, they will show in three major areas on your website.

A single testimonial entry is shown below:

Single Testimonial Entry

The testimonials archive page is shown below:

Testimonials Archive Page

If you have set up a front page template for your website, then the testimonials will also show there, with a maximum of four testimonials shown:

Tablet: Testimonials

If you would like to spruce up your Testimonials archive page, then head over to your website customizer and open the section titled Testimonials:



A custom header, custom title, and custom opening message can be added into your Testimonials archive page from within the WordPress customizer.