Without a doubt, our favorite part of Business Identity—and the thing we hope you’ll love most—is its home page. We’ve built it to be fully responsive and beautiful on all of your devices, and made sure to address a lot of your business needs when crafting a home page for your website.

This documentation page will walk you through the Business Identity home page. It’s quick to set up, with most of the upfront work being making sure to have good website content for your visitors and customers alike.

First Steps

The first and most important steps that you will need to take in order to use the front page template in Business Identity is to create two pages, one for your home page and one for your updates page. Do this by going to Add New → Page and creating a page titled Home and a page titled Updates.


The updates page is the easiest to do, so let’s do that first. Go to Add New → Page, type in a title (you can use Updates or any title that you like), and click Publish. Leave the content in this page blank. It will simply act as a placeholder for your website’s blog posts.


Next add in a new page and title it Home. You can also name this anything you like, but for the sake of website organization, we recommend using the name Home. After you have given your page a title, select Front Page from the list of available Templates to you. This is the most important step for making sure that the page you pick as your home page will be able to display all of the features that come with Business Identity.


After you’ve created both the Home and Updates pages go to your Reading Settings page and adjust your Front page displays settings.


Note that you can also adjust this setting from within your website customizer.


Once you’ve taken care of these initial steps, you can now start building your website’s home page.


The hero section is your opportunity to make a great first impression on your website visitors. It’s easy to set up and can make a big impact. After you have taken care of the above first steps, make sure to add in content into your Home page. As you can see by looking at the image above and below, the hero section uses your page content and the featured image that you have set to display the front page hero.

Front Page Hero Section

Technical Notes: 1) If you would like to use a stylized link button in this area, then use the class call-to-action with your link, for example <a class="call-to-action" href="#">Purchase Business Identity</a>. 2) If no featured image is set for the hero section, then a solid background color will be used. 3) If no content is entered into the home page, then the front page template will still work perfectly well, but the hero section will not be displayed.

Features and Services

Just underneath the hero section is an optional Features and Services section.

Front Page Features Section

Setting this up is also quick. The content is pulled from any page of your choosing, and set within the site customizer. The great part about this is that if you use the more tag with your page content, only the content above the more tag will be shown on your home page, while everything below it will still be shown when users click the View All Features button in this section.


Technical Notes: 1) The title of this section is pulled from the title of the page that you choose. 2) The content of this section is pulled from the content of the page that you choose. 3) You have the option of customizing the label and button texts that also appear in this section of your home page. 4) If you would like to use a grid for your content like we’ve done on our home page, then see the documentation for adding grids into your page content. We wanted to keep this section as flexible as possible, so by default the content that will be shown in this section will span the full width of the section.

Website Contributors

This optional section of your home page is used to display team members who have at least one published post on your website.  It can be turned off and on from within your website customizer.


The author details, like “Managing Member” and social icons, can be set on your WordPress.com profile page.

Technical Notes: 1) The users in this section have a role equal to or higher than author. 2) There currently is no good way to order these authors, but you can do it with custom CSS. If you need assistance with this, please contact us in the premium theme support forum.

Latest Updates

This section of your home page will automatically be displayed when there are published posts on your website. If you do not have any published posts and are only using pages on your website, then this section will not be shown. Clicking on the View Blog button will take visitors to the Updates page that you set up earlier in this documentation. Currently six blog posts will show in this area at all times. An option to control the quantity of this area will be added into the theme very soon.

Front Page Blog

Technical Notes: 1) For information on features images within this section, see our featured images documentation. 2) Post excerpts will be shown in this area. 3) Clicking on the post date or the Continue Reading link will take users to the single post page view for each post.


Testimonials are a great way to show the community and customer support around your product. Business Identity supports customer testimonials, which are very easy to set up. We’ve created a dedicated support page for Testimonials that you can read to get up and running with them.

Technical Notes: 1) Feel free to use the More Tag with your Testimonials. Only the content above the tag will be shown on the home page, while everything else will be shown on the individual Testimonial pages.

Special Offers Banner

The large special offers banner is a great way to grab the attention of your visitors and point them towards a product or a page on your website.

Front Page Banner

This can be configured from within the site customizer:


Front Page Widgets

Head over to the widgets documentation page for more information on adding front page widgets into your site.

Front Page Widgets

Technical Notes: 1) On mobile devices like smartphones widgets will be displayed on top of each other. 2) When using the iPad or a similar device two widgets will be displayed per row. 3) Four widgets per row will be shown in desktop views.


Add more style into your home page with a flourish image. This can be a map showing where your business is located, an image displaying a product that you are currently selling, or anything else that you can think to put in this space.

The flourish image can be set from within the customizer.


Technical Notes: It’s recommended to use an image that’s at least 1440 pixels wide for this section of your home page.

Underneath the website flourish are footer widgets, as well as your secondary navigation menu, which can all be set within your website customizer. That’s all there is to it. Rest assured that if you ever switch away from using Business Identity and then switch back to it, all of your website content will be maintained and preserved.