Streamside Partners LLC announces 30,000,000 Class A Preferred unit Offering

PRESS RELEASE October 18, 2017 Streamside Partners LLC Wichita, Kansas 888-654-0123 Streamside Partners LLC is announcing a Regulation D 506c offering of 30,000,000 Class A units with a 5% annual non-compounding, cumulative distribution. The Fund will make direct investments in small and mid-market privately held companies, and will be managed by Streamside Ventures LLC.… Read More

What kind of projects are we interested in?

In our conversations with Business Owners, and Intermediaries, the conversation always eventually gets to the question about what kind of projects we’re looking for. Some institutional private equity investors or funds, or strategic buyers are looking for very specific acquisitions.  They may have a particular industry focus, for example. We get involved with companies in… Read More

Reducing the Impact of Illiquidity in Selling your Small Business

Over the past 20 years or so, I’ve done a lot of business valuations…either for estates, or transactions, or planning, etc.  One key element of a valuation for a privately held business is the “Discount for Lack of Marketability”.  This is a discount from the theoretical value if it was a publicly traded company.  For… Read More

Problems SMBs Face

A Lack of Access to Capital.  Banks are just not getting it done for the SMB. Limited Expertise in-house.  Typically SMB owners and principals are strong entrepreneurs and have a terrific work ethic, but may be lacking in Accounting, Marketing, Sales, Finance, Legal, or Technology issues. Lack of Access to High Caliber Accounting and Legal… Read More