What kind of projects are we interested in?

In our conversations with Business Owners, and Intermediaries, the conversation always eventually gets to the question about what kind of projects we’re looking for.

Some institutional private equity investors or funds, or strategic buyers are looking for very specific acquisitions.  They may have a particular industry focus, for example.

We get involved with companies in several different capacities, and we tend to be more opportunistic in our approach.

As Consultants, we get involved with helping to turn around, a business that’s hit a performance hurdle and needs a little help getting over it.  This may come in the form of operational, management, or technology consulting, or it may come in the form of serving as an interim executive for a time, as in the case of an untimely illness or death, or some other extenuating circumstance.

As Direct Investors, Streamside Partners has the following general requirements:

  • $2 million to $50 million in revenues,
  • manufacturing, distribution, technology, or service contractors,
  • no liquor stores, laundromats, restaurants, or franchises (as a type),
  • a good story, with regard to the market, the product, or the people involved,
  • an opportunity where we can see where our experience expertise and capital can create an opportunity for growth and investment gains.
  • …and we’re not afraid of a “difficult” deal.

The last couple of bullet points are the most important to us, and they’re a little more vague, and less objective.  We want to be involved with great people.  We want to preserve and grow jobs for the existing employees of the company.  We want to do well, by doing good.

Also, we are very creative and flexible about how we get involved with a company. We’re not always, or only, looking for a complete acquisition.  As direct investors, we may be interested in taking a minority interest position with the view of helping to improve the company’s prospects and performance, prepare for a future exit for the owner at some future date, and act as involved board members and advisors (as members of the ownership group) on everything from operations to finance.

Finally, we are interested in companies where our objectives for ownership are very closely aligned with those of existing ownership in the financial and market goals for the company, the treatment and nurturing of the employees, involvement with the local community, and the realization of investment returns.

I know this probably raises as many questions as it answers, so if you’re an Owner or an Intermediary, we encourage you to give us a call.  We’d love to talk with you.