Today’s Press Release:

January 6, 2014

Streamside Ventures LLC announces that it has developed a unique new model for investment in small and mid-sized privately held companies, and will be increasing its commitments to client and portfolio companies for 2014.

Our “niche” is with owners of companies ranging from about $1 million to $20 million sales. We want to be able to add capital and expertise to help them solve problems and grow their companies, and then provide some visibility and a path toward realizing a rationally priced liquidity event or exit…all with the perspective and goal of retaining flexibility and limiting risk for the business owner that gets involved with us.

Private business owners in this range face increasingly complex issues as they grow their companies. They may find it difficult to obtain capital to restructure or grow. They may have limited access to expertise and may have a limited range of personal experience. They may have a limited team. They may have no real plan for realizing the wealth that they’ve built over a lifetime. Finally, the impact of illiquidity can have an enormous negative impact on realizing the wealth they have created.

Streamside plans to be involved with companies and owners in two ways: With “Client” companies, Streamside may make loans or capital investments and will provide consulting in the form of Advisory Board participation, specific support in Technology, Sales/Marketing, or Operations, etc. along with preparation for a future sale or ownership transition. With “Portfolio” companies Streamside will make capital investments and provide a full range of support, along with a more significant level of operational engagement and decision-making. Portfolio relationships may range from minority, to controlling interests, or to complete acquisitions.

Our innovative model is designed to give owners access to capital, access to expertise, and access to liquidity as well has structuring deals in ways that give them the flexibility to reverse or modify agreements as their plans or needs change. We are confident that business owners are going to be strongly drawn to this model, and we believe our approach is completely unique in the space.

Our hope is that along the way, those owners we are engaged with might one day join us in creating similar opportunities for business owners after them.

Inquiries may be directed to Scott Kaye at Streamside Ventures LLC. We invite you to give us a call at 913-890-3451, or email Additional detail will be available at